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The GV Soluciones Management has implemented and maintains a Quality management system based on the requirements of the "UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015" "Management Systems Requirements Quality Standard".

The system of Quality Management GV Soluciones applies to the activities of "Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Refurbishment, Maintenance and Consultancy of Drinking Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants".

Quality policy GV soluciones is based on the following commitments:

  • Achieve full satisfaction of our customers by providing equipment and solutions in line with requirements, needs, expectations and established specifications, including standards or legislation.
  • Establishing a systematic documented (or normalization) to ensure the quality of our services.
  • Implementation in GV Soluciones S.L., the  continuous improvement as a rule of conduct.

The Quality Management System has been developed and must be maintained so that it is working on the prevention of defects rather than on correction.

Efficiency Management System Quality is responsibility of the Management. On their behalf, the System Manager will monitor its implementation, development and maintenance, assessing their suitability and proper application.

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