what we do

At GV Soluciones we base our work on

Engineering & Design

At GV Soluciones we specialise in the design, construction and operation of all types of plants, mainly for the industrial sector. Our company is characterised by its flexibility and versatility in projects, designing each solution according to our client’s needs.

The design process begins with a study of the situation, legal conditions, existing installations and equipment, and any other particular conditions that may affect the final installation or process.

From this data, we will develop customised solutions that integrate modular-scalable elements previously studied and tested, which allows us to speed up the design process, keep costs down and maintain the reliability of the system.

Our projects are developed in other engineering fields such as industrial water treatment, waste management, energy and its generation, storage or efficient consumption, and the control of odours and types of gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Advice & training

At GV Soluciones we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the technologies used in water treatment, waste and energy management and the control of atmospheric emissions, which allows us to offer advice to our clients from the very first moment.

Thanks to this experience, we also provide training courses for technicians and professionals who require it.

We specialise in the following fields:

  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Water purification.
  • Waste management.
  • Water minimisation.
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Start-up of purification and drinking water treatment plants.
  • Optimisation of the performance of installations.
  • Technical advice.
  • Legal advice: adaptation of installations to current legal regulations.

Maintenance & reforms

Projects do not end with the design and installation. At GV Soluciones we have specialised technicians who are in charge of supervising, maintaining and repairing both our own installations and those of others.

But if you are looking to improve the performance of existing facilities, we can design customised upgrades that can increase their capacity, after a detailed study of the existing conditions, their equipment, operation and legal conditions.